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Bachata was born in the Dominican Republic as a musical genre in the 1960s. We are in the poor districts of the capital. The dance is inspired by Tango, Bolero... Bachata is both poetic and romantic.

Musically, it mixes several genres like Bolero, Kompa, Merengue, Cha-cha-cha. Associated with the poor classes, it remained confidential for a long time.

It only really took off in the 1980s with the mass tourism campaign organized by the Dominican Republic.

Having become the symbol of the Caribbean island, Bachata has evolved into different styles:

       - Traditional Bachata: Originally, the Bachata was danced in square (box).  It has been simplified over the years to be danced today in line. It works the hips and the management of the body weight and the supports.

        - Modern Bachata: the simplest, consisting of figures and passes with many arm movements. The dancers are in a semi-open or open position.

        - Dominican Bachata : is danced on the fastest rhythms, with many footwork. It is recognized in particular by the characteristic hip movement on the 4th and 8th beat as well as the Touch. It is often danced on the ½ time.

        - Bachata Sensual : Very popular in recent years, adapted to slow rhythms. Little movement or footwork. On the other hand, we will concentrate, as its name indicates it) on the sensuality thanks to isolations, waves, cambrés among others.

So if

You want to learn to dance bachata?

You don't have a partner, you're shy or you're still hesitating to start?

Do you want to progress and take it to the next level?

Or you just want to take your mind off a hard day by practicing a nice activity...

So don't hesitate anymore



Location: La Maison des Ailes , 1/32 Rue Montoyer , 1000 Bruxelles

19h30 Bachata Beginner/Openlevel

20h30 Bachata Intermediate Level


Location: Salon CARDI, 10 Place de Cuesmes 7033 Mons

19h00 Salsa Beginner/ Openlevel

20h00 Bachata Intermediate Level

21h00 Bachata Beginner/Openlevel


Location: Salle Fun en Bulles, 21 rue de Nivelles, 1440 Braine-le-Château

19h00 Salsa Beginner/ Openlevel

20h00 Bachata Intermediate Level

21h00 Bachata Beginner/Openlevel

Classes given by Ahmedy ~Caro~Danae

We have different types of subscriptions with regressive rates.

-1 class =12€.

-5 classes =50€,

-10 Classes = 95€

-20 classes = 180€.